Louise Abayomi Processing, storage, product development, quality assurance, supply chain management, food safety, waste products.
Aurelie Bechoff Processing, storage, physico-chemical analyses including texture, sensory analysis
Ben Bennett Markets, International trade, value chains, economics
Richard Colgan Dormancy, sprout control and control of sugar production
Claire Coote Marketing and socio-economics
Lora Forsythe Gender and monitoring and evaluation
Maruthi Gowda Crop pests and diseases, molecular biology and biotechnological applications for crop improvement
Ulrich Kleih Value chain analyses, market studies
Richard Lamboll Climate Change
Adrienne Martin Monitoring and Evaluation, communication, promotion and dissemination, gender
Diego Naziri Value Chains, economics
Linda Nicolaides Processing (traditional fermentations), preservation, storage; spoilage; safety and quality
Debbie Rees Varietal selection for improved storability and quality
Wound healing efficiency, Control of dormancy and sprout growth, Factors affecting processing quality such as sugar accumulation
Susan Seal Molecular diagnostics for viruses of root and tuber crops, generation of healthy planting material and quarantine implications
Phil Stevenson Resistance to insect pests
Keith Tomlins Root and Tuber Crops Programme Leader. President of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops. Processing, storage, consumer acceptance, food safety, waste products.
Andrew Westby Food technology, processing, microbiology, value chains