Knowledge for a sustainable world

Development Programme:
Root and Tuber Crops in Development
  • Dr Louise Abayomi - Processing, storage, product development, quality assurance, supply chain management, food safety, waste products.
  • Dr Aurelie Bechoff - Processing, storage, physico-chemical analyses including texture, sensory analysis
  • Professor Ben Bennett - Markets, International trade, value chains, economics
  • Dr Richard Colgan - Dormancy, sprout control and control of sugar production
  • Claire Coote - Marketing and socio-economics
  • Dr Lora Forsythe - Gender and monitoring and evaluation
  • Professor Maruthi Gowda - Crop pests and diseases, molecular biology and biotechnological applications for crop improvement
  • Ulrich Kleih - Value chain analyses, market studies
  • Richard Lamboll - Climate Change
  • Professor Adrienne Martin - Monitoring and Evaluation, communication, promotion and dissemination, gender
  • Dr Diego Naziri - Value Chains, economics
  • Linda Nicolaides - Processing (traditional fermentations), preservation, storage; spoilage; safety and quality
  • Dr Debbie Rees - Varietal selection for improved storability and quality
    Wound healing efficiency, Control of dormancy and sprout growth, Factors affecting processing quality such as sugar accumulation
  • Professor Susan Seal - Molecular diagnostics for viruses of root and tuber crops, generation of healthy planting material and quarantine implications
  • Professor Phil Stevenson - Resistance to insect pests
  • Professor Keith Tomlins - Root and Tuber Crops Programme Leader. President of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops. Processing, storage, consumer acceptance, food safety, waste products.
  • Professor Andrew WestbyFood technology, processing, microbiology, value chains