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Research Group:
Centre for Society Environment and Development

NEW: NRI is now eligible to host ESRC-funded Doctoral Studentships on topics related to Climate, Environment and Development. For further details see here.


The Centre for Society, Environment and Development (CSED) within NRI facilitates social-scientific and interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange on key issues of global development. This will include increasing understanding of, and developing solutions for:

  • the impacts of climate change on the rural poor, their opportunities for adaptation, and what fair climate change mitigation policies would look like
  • gender inequalities in the Global South and the other inequalities that intersect with them
  • processes of innovation and learning within smallholder agriculture so as to sustainably increase productivity, food security and livelihood security
  • state fragility and conflict in the Global South and their causal linkages to climate vulnerability environmental degradation and food insecurity,

as well as developing new approaches from political ecology and the analysis of culture to understand these and other social and environmental challenges.

CSED builds on the world-leading research done by NRI social scientists on critical challenges facing the globe, and in particular poor people in the Global South. This involves using our advanced methodological expertise, quantitative, qualitative and participatory, and our first-hand experience in research in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are committed to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration, both within the social sciences and between the social and the natural sciences. We have the vision of synthesising our research into world-leading publications, while engaging with policy-makers, civil society and citizens of the Global South and contributing to public debates.

CSED operates as an umbrella for four Research Groups:

  • Climate Change
  • Innovation and Learning in Agriculture
  • Gender and Social Difference
  • Political Ecology, Arts and Culture


Professor John F Morton Professor John F Morton Professor of Development Anthropology +44 (0)1634 88 3064 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.