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BSc. (Hons), M.Phil., Ph.D.

Professor of Food Science. Over 35 years' experience in international project management, research and consultancy. Expertise in post-harvest aspects of agricultural commodities, mainly Africa based. Specialist in postharvest production and losses/waste management.  Expertise in sensory evaluation and consumer acceptance. Consultant in cargo inspection and warehouse management. Experience in Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, Asia, Europe and North America during more than 130 short- and long-term international assignments. Author of 100 international peer-reviewed papers and other publications.

Professor Keith Tomlins has been working with the Natural Resources Institute (and its predecessors) since 1982 and joined the University of Greenwich in 1996.

Over 25 years' experience in international project management, research and consultancy. He is leader of the Natural Resources Institute Programme for Root and Tuber Crops in Development. He has expertise in post-harvest aspects of agricultural commodities. Specialist in sensory evaluation and consumer acceptability, root and tuber crops and street vended foods (including traditional foods). Expert witness in cargo inspection and warehouse management. Experience in over 30 countries in Africa, Caribbean, Pacific, Asia, Europe and North America during more than 150 short- and long-term assignments. Author of 100 publications including 42 in international peer-reviewed papers and two books. His recent inaugural lecture was on the topic of 'Let Them Eat Cake: Food Quality and Acceptance in Africa' ( and the lecture can be viewed at

Member of the University of Greenwich Research Ethics Committee (Faculty and University levels)

PhD Supervision:
Two current students and two completions
External Examiner – two students (University of Kent, University of Queensland)
Internal Examiner – two students

Leading and have recently led the following projects

Contributed to wining research projects (singly and jointly) valued at £20 million, leading projects valued at £6.8million. Funding from the EU, HarvestPlus, BMGF, and Which?

Root and Tuber Crops

EU FP7 GRATITUDE (Gains from Losses of Root and Tuber Crops) with partners in Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam, the UK, the Netherlands and Portugal (

EU Food Security Thematic Programme Cassava Growth Markets (Improving the livelihoods of smallholder cassava farmers through better access to growth markets) with partners and associates in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, India and the UK (

EU African Caribbean and Pacific Science and Technology Programme Tropical Root Crops (Science and technology for enhancing the contribution of Tropical Root Crops to development in ACP countries) with partners in Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Caribbean, Fiji and Papua New Guinea and globally the International Society for Tropical Root Crops (

Consumer Acceptance

Harvestplus. Various project on consumer acceptance of root and tuber crops, beans and maize (

Workpackage leader (WP5 on Consumer Acceptance) for EU FP7 AFTER (African Food Tradition Revisited by Research) with partners in France, Senegal, Benin, Ghana, Cameroon, Madagascar, Egypt and Portugal). The lead organisation is Cirad (La recherche agronomique pour le développement) (

Which? Consumer Association

Street Vended Foods

Led a number of DFID funded projects on improving the safety of street vended foods in Africa and Asia. The projects also sought to empower street vendors and consumers


  • Ray, R.C.and Tomlins, K. I. (2010) Sweet Potato: Post Harvest Aspects in Food, Feed and Industry, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York, 316pp, ISBN978-1-60876-343-6
  • Tomlins, K., Johnson, P-N. T. and Tortoe, C. (2005) Street-catering: A guide for Environmental Health Officers, NGO's, Street food vendors and Food Caterers, col-DB Publishers, Accra, Ghana, 30pp, ISBN: 9900-0-3399-0
  • Bainbridge, Z., Tomlins, K., Wellings, K. and Westby, A. (1996) Methods for assessing the quality characteristics of non-grain starch staples: Part 1 to 4, Natural Resources Institute: Chatham. ISBN: 0-85954-400-1. 215pp.
  • President of the International Society of Tropical Root Crops (
  • International Advisory Board Member of the Journal of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology (Prof. Chryss F. I. Onwuka, Editor - In – Chief)
  • External consultant for CWA International Ltd (
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