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The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) is a specialist research, development and education organisation of the University of Greenwich, UK, with a focus on food, agriculture, environment, and sustainable livelihoods.

Pint of Science 2020

“Fascinating, relaxed, thought-provoking – and providing an excellent guilt-free excuse for a weeknight virtual pub-trip!” After a successful first year, the University of Greenwich’s Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES) has been fortunate to be...

New book on British wetland mosquitoes: discover more on World Mosquito Day

Wetlands, including marshes, swamps, bogs and fens, exist at the intersection between land and water. Many of these landscapes are beautiful, ethereal places, and a source of inspiration to artists, poets, writers and photographers. They are...

Small but mighty: enhancing the superfood potential of small pelagic fish

Over one million tonnes of small, whitebait-like fish are caught in the Great Lakes and rivers of eastern and central Africa each year. Small pelagic fish (SPF) are one of the best sources of micronutrients and essential vitamins, and they are...

Into the Amazon: exploring nutrition, health and gender-sensitive agroforestry

Despite living in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, many of the indigenous communities of the Amazonas Region in Peru experience high levels of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition. Over half of the region’s indigenous children...

COVID-19: new research on effective reproductive number and mitigation measures

The first inklings of the impending COVID-19 pandemic were in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. By imposing very strict lockdown measures and rapidly building huge emergency hospitals, the epidemic in China was controlled. By analysing data on case...

Plastic Fantastic – Here to stay?

July has been declared ‘plastic-free July’ where everyone is encouraged to notice and check their use of plastics, especially ‘single-use’ plastic items. The Plastic Free Foundation, the organiser of this month’s initiative, was founded in 2017...

Graduation Day 2020: unique, unprecedented, unforgettable

Graduating students from NRI at the University of Greenwich would normally be welcomed warmly into the lofty grandeur of nearby Rochester Cathedral for the formal ceremony. Families and friends file in to take their places on the wooden pews and...

NRI Student Prize Winners 2020

This year’s graduation will happen virtually. At 1000 BST today, Friday 24 July 2020, the names of graduating students will be read out by NRI’s Director, Professor Andrew Westby. Awards will be conferred by the University of Greenwich Vice...

NRIPS in the time of COVID – the president’s view

At the beginning of March 2020, Manuela Carnaghi was elected President of NRIPS – the Natural Resources Institute Postgraduate Society – and she was brimming with ideas. But what she hadn’t bargained on, was the entire country entering lockdown, and the...
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