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Development Programme:
Root and Tuber Crops in Development

NRI has a large number of projects in the area of root and tuber crops that involve development impact, research, and capacity building. Examples of recent projects are given below:

Development Projects


  • BMGF: The Whitefly Project : Long Title: African Cassava Whitefly: Outbreak Causes and Sustainable Solutions (
  • CGIAR: Driving Livelihoods Improvements Through Demand Orientated Interventions for Competitive Production and Processing RTBs
  • EU FP7: Gains from Losses of Root and Tuber Crops (GRATITUDE)
  • EU FSTP: Improving the livelihoods of smallholder cassava farmers through better access to growth markets (CassavaGmarkets) (
  • BMGF: Commercializing clean sweetpotato seed production in areas with a long dry season
  • BMGF: Accelerated Development of On-Farm Robust Diagnostic Toolkits for Yam Virus Diseases (Toolkits for Yam)
  • FCDO BBSRC: How resistant plant varieties avoid suppression of RNA silencing by viruses exemplified sweetpotato
  • EU African Union: Limiting the Impact of Cassava Brown Streak Disease on Smallholders, Women and the Cassava Value Chain (LimitCBSD)
  • BMGF: Enabling Research Tools for Cassava Virologists and Breeders
  • Harvestplus - Measuring the true retention of Vitamin A during gari processing from yellow-fleshed cassava in Nigeria
  • DEFRA: Link Project: Reducing Energy Usage and Wastage by Improving Ethylene Control of Potato Sprouting

Capacity Building

Word cloud below illustrates some of our project activities

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