Knowledge for a sustainable world

Research Group:
Food Systems
  • Paul Afolabi - Development of improved processing for village-based root and tuber processing in sub-Saharan Africa [Lead Supervisor: Keith Tomlins]
  • Fredrick AgyemanRural finance in Ghana [Lead Supervisor: Gideon Onumah]
  • Julie Crenn - Developing biofortified products to address vitamin A deficiency in Africa [Lead Supervisor: Andrew Westby]
  • Maria Carcamo de la ConcepcionMolecular and physiological characterization of blueberry during storage [Lead Supervisor: Richard Colgan]
  • Rania HassanPromoting broad-based SME development in South Africa: Role of public policy initiatives [Lead Supervisor: Gideon Onumah]
  • Michael Kariuki Ndegwa - Promoting Resilience and Food Security through Weather Risk-Contingent Credit in Africa [Lead Supervisor: Apurba Shee]
  • Zainab Oyetunde-UsmanThe impact of intensity of adoption of agricultural technology on rural farm households’ productivity, welfare and inequality [Lead Supervisor: Apurba Shee]
  • Rajib SarkerRole of credit rating agencies in enhancing access to finance in Bangladesh [Lead Supervisor: Gideon Onumah]

FaNSI scholarships

  • Daniel MbogoReducing the risk of Acrylamide in processing sweet potatoes [Lead Supervisor: Richard Colgan];
  • Lydia O’Meara Compiling global lessons to improve nutrition in traditional food systems, from multi-country evidence on drivers of food choice [Lead Supervisor: Julia de Bruyn with co-supervision from Kate Wellard and Elaine Ferguson (LSHTM)];
  • Bernard Gathigi MunyuaImpact and adoption of quality protein maize in Ethiopia [Lead Supervisor: Apurba Shee with co-supervision from Julia de Bruyn and Hugo de Groote];
  • Hamed Johnny Sarnavi Development of a solar-assisted off-grid retrofitted fluidized bed dryer [Lead Supervisor: Marcelo Precoppe]

FaNSI Partnership Scholarships

  • Kingsley KamtambeUnderstanding the value chains and post-harvest losses and waste of small pelagic fish in Malawi [Lead Supervisor: Baqir Lalani]
  • Lizzie SakaA food systems approach to understanding and supporting contributions of small pelagic fish to human [Lead Supervisor: Julia de Bruyn with co-supervision by Shakuntala Thilsted (WorldFish) and Horace Phiri (LUANAR)]
  • Asoo YajiHost-plant interactions (Neonectria) infection in apple as a model system [Lead Supervisor: Richard Colgan]

Recently completed PhD

  • Ros FisherStructural and biochemical factors affecting apple response to long-term low oxygen storage [Lead Supervisor: Debbie Rees]