Knowledge for a sustainable world

Upgrading flatbed dryers along with solar-powered systems for small enterprise of cassava processing in developing countries

In February 2020, he joined NRI as a PhD student at the University of Greenwich. Having over five years of relevant experience in market and industry, he is now seeking to boost the innovative practical approaches to tackle the real engineering barriers on reaching sustainable food security in developing countries.

Primary Supervisor: Marcelo Precoppe
Secondary Supervisor(s): Dr Pablo García-Triñanes (External), Professor Michael Bradley (External)

Hamed has a mechanical engineering background in agro-food industry. Previously, he has undertaken BSc, MSc, and PhD in Mechanic of Agricultural Machinery at Urmia University, Iran. Meanwhile, he visited Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, as a scholar visitor. Throughout his MSc program, he gained substantial knowledge on the mechanical behaviour of particulate material where he implemented Discrete Element Method to model the wheat bulk grains. During his PhD program, he has worked in energy modelling and economic analysis of using renewable energies in agro-food industry sector. It was on adopting solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic panels, respectively, in poultry and dairy farms in the cold climate of Iran.

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