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Development Programme:
Climate Change, Agriculture and Natural Resources

We make the results of our research and advisory work on climate change available through our own Working Paper Series, through reports published by our projects, collaborators and clients, and through academic publications (journal papers and book chapters).

NRI's Working Paper Series on Climate Change, Agriculture and Natural Resources

We also have limited numbers of hard copies available: please request copies from Caroline Troy

Other Major Reports

Reports from the project Climate Learning for African Agriculture led by NRI, FARA and AFAAS.

NRI staff have also written, or collaborated on, a number of important reports and papers published by outside organisations. We highlight a number of these, all of which are freely available for download:

Journal Papers and Book Chapters


  • Ayanlade, A., Radeny, M., Morton, J. F., & Muchaba, T. (2018). Rainfall variability and drought characteristics in two agro-climatic zones: An assessment of climate change challenges in Africa. Science of the Total Environment 630, 728-737.
  • Derkyi, M., Adiku, S. G., Nelson, V., Dovie, B. D., Codjoe, S., & Awuah, E. (2018). Smallholder farmers’ perception of climatic and socio-economic factors influencing livelihoods in the transition zone of Ghana. AAS Open Research, 1.
  • Opare, P., Akintonde, J. O., Obeng-Ofori, D., & Nelson, V. (2018). Using climate analogue tools to explore and build smallholder farmer capacity for climate smart agriculture. AAS Open Research, 1.


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