Knowledge for a sustainable world

Development Programme:
Climate Change, Agriculture and Natural Resources

The NRI Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Natural Resources brings to bear our expertise in smallholder agriculture, natural resources management, economic development and rural livelihoods on the challenges posed by climate variability and change. Together with our partners, we will contribute to the search for effective mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Our key areas of intervention in climate change are:

  • Identifying and assessing potential climate change impacts, especially the consequences for poor people's livelihoods
  • Developing and implementing appropriate technical, institutional and policy-based strategies for adaptation in collaboration with partners
  • Examining and enhancing the interconnections between climate change adaptation and processes of agricultural innovation, at national and local level
  • Analysing existing mitigation strategies and assisting in the development of equitable and sustainable future mitigation pathways
  • Supporting southern voices in responses to climate change, particularly at the grass-roots level.