Knowledge for a sustainable world

Research Group:
Centre for Society Environment and Development

Current PhD Students

  • Eziamaka Aghanya: The role of pastoralist schemes in development of the Nigerian dairy sector
  • Fred Agyeman: Rural finance and adoption of cassava postharvest technologies in rural farming communities in Ghana
  • Rosemary Gumba: Structuring client voice in microfinance Institutions in Kenya
  • Rania Hassan: The next phase of South Africa Development: The Enterprise Supplier Development programme and what it means to SMEs
  • Wardah Hasyim: Recovering from Disaster: Livelihood Recovery Strategies in Tsunami Affected Areas of Aceh, Indonesia
  • Deric Nji Manju: Building a sustainable value chain for Cassava crop by smallholder farmers in Cameroon. Focus on technology adoption and agricultural policies
  • Hastings Musopole: Socio-economic impact of drought and cassava virus diseases in Malawi, and the identification of disease resistant cassava using molecular techniques
  • Michael Ndegwa: Promoting resilience and food security through Weather Risk-Contingent Credit in Africa
  • Barbara Ofori-Kyereh: Enhancing adaptive capacity of Ghanaian crop farmers in response to climate variability and change
  • Thomas Omachi: The impact of microfinance on women’s empowerment: evidence from small-scale rural farmers in Benue State, Nigeria
  • Boniface Orum: Partnerships for agricultural innovation: assessing linkages between farmers’ groups and key Agricultural Innovation System actors in Uganda
  • Catherine Otene: The role of trust, norms, social beliefs and cultural practices in microfinance performance: a case of some preselected microfinance branches in Nigeria
  • Zainab Oyetunde-Usman: The impact of agricultural technology adoption on rural farm Households’ Resource Allocation Mix, Poverty Status and Income Distribution
  • Ibrahim Salihu: Impact of rural-urban migration on sustainability of rural livelihoods in Kebbi State of North-Western Nigeria
  • Rajib Sarkar: Automated credit rating system development and analysis of its influence on SMEs’ financial accessibility in Bangladesh
  • Gwendolyn Varley: Understanding dynamic relationships between nutrition-sensitive agriculture, agricultural innovations and women’s empowerment in Uganda using innovative data collection technologies
  • Betty Flora Nakiru
  • Menyene U Ekanem

Completed PhD students

  • Peter Beine Ahimbisibwe: Impact of cassava innovations on household productivity and welfare in Uganda
  • Ruth Butterworth: Pro-poor market-based approach for economic recovery in post- conflict countries: the case for Liberia
  • Bertha Darteh: The scope of Learning Alliances as a mechanism for more innovative urban water management
  • Andrew Edewa: Sanitary and phytosanitary standards: implications for trade and development in Kenya
  • Lora Forsythe: The impact of staple crop value chain participation on the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Nigeria and Malawi: changes in poverty, gender relations and food security
  • Jaquelino Massingue: An investigation of the drivers of sustainable market development for high-nutrient staple crops: the case of Vitamin A-rich sweet potato in Zambezia, Mozambique
  • Miriam Matzanke: Cross-borrowing and its impact on micro-entrepreneurs repayment performance and well-being in Peru
  • Candida Nakhumwa: Smallholder market access:   The case of the groundnut sector in Malawi
  • Julius Okwadi: Introducing a Pro-Vitamin A-rich staple crop: analysis of decision-making along the orange-fleshed sweetpotato value chain in Uganda
  • Wahira Othman: Understanding the complexity and dynamics of mangrove socio-economic systems through use of a resilience approach in Unguja, Zanzibar
  • John Pattison-Williams: Margins in the mountains: poverty dynamics in India’s Western and Eastern Ghats
  • Julian Quan: Rural territorial dynamics in northeast Brazil: the Jiquiriçá Valley in Bahia
  • Jane Robb: Understanding drivers of deforestation using socio-psychological behavioural theory and the capability approach
  • Freddy Van Hulst: Creating capabilities for smallholder agriculture: a systems perspective on innovation and the adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Kenya and Madagascar

NB: Students listed here may have overlapping affiliations with other NRI Research Groups