Knowledge for a sustainable world

Livestock emissions and meat consumption: an analysis of knowledge production and transfer.

Molly’s research aims to better understand the livestock sector as a subsection of the climate change discourse, considering the complexity of overlapping environmental and ethical factors.

Livestock are a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, but this is an area in which there is a great amount of nuance: nuance within lifecycle assessments, nuance in the interpretation (or ‘translation’) of the science, and disagreement about the best solutions. Molly’s research takes a mixed-method approach, focussed on ethnography and social network analysis, to understand the social and discursive processes at work here.

Primary Supervisor: John F Morton
Secondary Supervisor(s): Conor Walsh

Molly Foster commenced her PhD project at NRI in February 2022.

She previously studied Human Sciences (BA) at St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, during which time she had particular interest in human ecology and food system transformation and was part of the IFSTAL network. She went on to work as a research assistant for the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, researching corporate investment in the alternative protein sector before joining NRI.

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