Knowledge for a sustainable world

Development Programme:
Sustainable Agricultural Intensification
  • Safe and Affordable Armyworm Control tools for Africa. DFID Research into use Best bets programme.
  • Insect Resistant Brassica crops for Africa and Asia. DFID
  • Ecologically-based rodent management for southern Africa: The Ecorat project – European Development Fund
  • Rodent management for rural communities in Bangladesh: Research In to Use Programme, Asian Innovation Challenge Fund, DFID
  • Developing multiple gene resistance in sweet potato with particularly emphasis on weevil and virus disease resistance: McKnight Foundation.
  • Using Endosymbiotic bacteria as a novel biological agent to control whiteflies: Gates Foundation
  • Optimising pesticidal plants for the control of legume pests in Southern and Eastern Africa. McKnight Foundation.
  • African dry land alliance for pesticidal plant technologies: EU, African Caribbean and Pacific Science and Technology Programme.
  • Limiting the impact of Cassava Brown Streak Disease on smallholders, women and the cassava value chain: Africa Union.
  • Agroforests: a critical resource for megadiversity in Guatemala DEFRA/Darwin Initiative.
  • Integrated crop management for coffee smallholders in Malawi: DFID Crop Protection Programme.
  • Linking the production and marketing chain for the development of smallholder agricultural commodities using sesame in Mozambique and Tanzania as a model: EU ICART Programme [9th EDF].
  • Cocoa pollination for optimised production project: CocoaPOP – EU ACP S&T Programme