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Food and Nutrition Security Initiative - FaNSI

NRI is pleased to announce the following PhD opportunities created under FaNSI:


Evaluation of interventions to improve food safety in informal markets of low- and middle-income countries (3E 2019 14)
Lead Supervisor:
Professor Delia Grace Randolph

Foodborne diseases have a health burden comparable to malaria, HIV-AIDs or tuberculosis. Around 98% of this burden falls on low- and middle-income countries. The economic cost is over $100 billion USD a year. The riskiest foods from a health perspective are also the most nutritious: milk, eggs, fish, meat and fresh vegetables. These fresh foods are mostly sold through the informal sector comprising markets, small shops, street vendors and providers of ready to eat foods. This informal sector has also been associated with the emergence of novel human diseases such as Covid-19.

This study, the evaluation of interventions to improve food safety in informal markets of low- and middle-income countries, would involve desk review, development of an evaluation framework, and visits to selected projects to collect data. Specific research questions include:

  • To what extent are projects risk-based and address the foods and hazards which are most important for foodborne disease;
  • What is the range of food safety interventions in the informal sector and what is the evidence-base for their selection;
  • What is the evidence for efficacy and cost-benefit of selected interventions;
  • What is the potential scalability and sustainability of effective interventions;
  • Can interventions have adverse un-intended consequences such as disempowering women or reducing access to food.

Closing date for applications: 24/05/2020
Further details and how to apply:
link to University of Greenwich website
For further information, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.