Knowledge for a sustainable world

Amber has extensive practical experience of sustainable farming systems through her work co-managing a six-acre horticultural therapy market garden site in West Sussex. She grasped a contextual understanding of the complex, interrelated challenges and competing priorities that exist in small-scale food systems.

Amber has participated in multiple research projects for national organisations – Sustain and the Sustainable Food Trust. She has gained specialist knowledge and skills in primary data collection, analysis, methodology and framework building across UK local food supply chain infrastructure and sustainable dietary transitions in accordance with the UK's regional land capabilities.

Alongside her career, Amber most recently completed a Master’s in Food and Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. Her research focused on understanding how the media frame the livestock and climate change debate in the UK - by using the Policy Processes Framework to unpack the politics, knowledge production and power imbalances across the debate.

Her PhD research interests involve exploring the case for regenerative livestock systems, animal welfare and environmental change within an interdisciplinary framework and analysing its place in British nutritional security and citizen health.