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BSc (Hons), PhD, MBA

Dr Andy Frost re-joined the Institute in July 2016 having previously worked for (OD) NRI between 1990 and 1996 before joining NR International.

Dr Frost returns to NRI from the University of Edinburgh where he was managing the DFID Social Enterprises for Economic Development (SEED) Programme having previously co-managed the DFID Research Into Use Programme (2006–2013).  Prior to this he managed components of the programmes under the ODA/DFID Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy (RNRRS).

He has a very keen interest in agricultural innovation and seeing research get into meaningful use, at scale, for the benefit of the poor.  He has over twenty years’ experience in research and consultancy programme/project management, development of research strategies and management information systems in international development. He has extensive experience of scientific project design, financial management, project evaluation and reporting and a successful track record in developing new business e.g. SEED and DFID-funded Political Settlements Research Programme (whilst at the University of Edinburgh).

He has worked for a number of donors including DFID, EC and the World Bank and with regional organisations such as ASARECA, SADC and FANRPAN. Dr Frost has an excellent understanding of development/environment issues in developing-country context and practical experience working in over 20 developing countries.

He graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1985 with an honours degree in Agricultural Biochemistry and gained a PhD in ruminant nutrition from the University of Aberdeen in 1989. More recently, he graduated with an MBA from Henley Management College (2008).

Main research interests and expertise:

Dr Frost’s work has sought to identify and address constraining factors which have prevented past (agricultural) research investment getting into meaningful use for the benefit of the poor. He has a strong interest in agricultural innovation and in impact assessment using innovative and pragmatic results measurements.

  • Programme Director for Social Enterprises for Economic Development (SEED) which sought to test the social enterprise model as an effective way of getting research into use, at scale, for the benefit of the poor (2014–2016, Rwanda, DFID).
  • Deputy Director, Research Into Use (RIU) Programme which sought to identify and address roadblocks preventing past (agricultural) research investment getting into use, at scale using an innovation approach (2006–2013, Africa (Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda) and Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh), DFID)

Other project examples include:

  • Team Leader for EU Framework contract to assist with developing the ASARECA TUUSI concept to up and out-scale appropriate research technologies (2006–2007, Uganda, ASARECA Regional)
  • Team Leader for EU Framework contract 9 ACP SAD 001 Implementation and Coordination of Agriculture Research and Training in the SADC Region (ICART) – development of competitive regional agricultural research fund (CRARF), managing help desk facility and call for proposals (2005-2006, Botswana, SADC Regional)
  • Acting Project Director for DFID project “Karnataka Watersheds Development Project” and lead on Knowledge Management activities (2003–2005, India)
  • Project Director for EC Civil Society Capacity Building project, providing backstopping support in development of procedures for a competitive grant facility (2005, Uganda)
  • Project Manager for DFID project “Improved Farmer Participation in Research and Extension in Benue State (IFPREB)” establishing semi-autonomous extension centre (CEC) within the University of Makurdi (1998–2002, Nigeria).
  • Clark, N. and Frost, A. (2015) It’s not STI: It’s ITS – The role of science, technology and innovation (STI) in Africa’s development strategy
    Innogen Working Paper 113 (November 2015) – will also appear in IJTMSD in due course
  • Frost, A. (2013) Final RIU Report
  • Clark, N., Frost, A., Maudlin, I. and Ward, A. (2013) Technology Development Assistance to Low Income Country Agriculture: Putting Research into Use (RIU) ISBN 978-0-415-82702-7 [Publisher: Routledge]
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    International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development Volume 10 (3) 185–200
    Hall, A., Clark, N. and Frost, A. (2010)
  • Bottom-up, bottom-line: Development-relevant enterprises in East Africa and their significance for agricultural innovation.  RIU Discussion Paper No. 2 July 2010 [see ]
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