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If food is not safe and wholesome it is not food. Foodborne disease imposes a health burden equivalent to malaria, HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis and costs poor countries more than USD 100 billion a year. Moreover, too much food is improperly handled, prone to spoilage, adulterated or lacks the qualities people value. Unsafe, low-quality food is a health and economic burden that needs to change. Our vision is to contribute to a food systems transformation that will lead to safe, nutritious, delicious food, which is accessible and affordable to the poor but is also Fair. Fair, meaning it does not come at a cost to human livelihoods, the health and welfare of animals, or ecosystem services and sustainability. Safe food, fair food. Food safety in markets of low and middle income countries has been too long been ignored and under-invested. Moreover, we support local markets with food safety support. We want to help enforce food safety research both locally and globally through producing excellent evidence and high-profile publications with real life impact. We strive to forge new collaborations with food technologists that can lead to appropriate solutions and working with behavioural and political scientists to maximise uptake. Additionally we aim to focus on import and export markets as a niche but growing sector that can benefit from our risk-based approaches and generate spill overs for the more important domestic markets. Food safety is a quintessential One Health issue, and we will help ensure it is core to high level policy processes. The One Health paradigm with its focus on inter- and trans-disciplinarity is well suited to the wicked problem of unsafe, unwholesome, unfair, and unsustainable food, and to contribute to reducing malnutrition. We plan to will expand our from low and middle income countries to relevant research in the UK and Europe, bringing the successes of the south to the north. We will support Safe food, fair food as a human right and our vision.

Group Leaders

Dr Stacey Duvenage

Lecturer in Food Safety

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