NRI is delighted to invite prospective PhD students to join its UK Food Systems Centre for Doctoral Training – (UKFS-CDT). There will be a live presentation and Q&A session for potential applicants on Wednesday 3 February 2021, from 1700 – 1800 GMT.

If you would like to register for this event, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with your name and the email address to which you would like the event invitation to be sent. 

cowsThere is an urgent need to transform the UK food system which presents an opportunity to reframe and address the country’s needs. The UK Food Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (UKFS-CDT) provides a unique opportunity for transformative and interdisciplinary food systems research, aiming to develop the next generation of food system change makers for a healthy and sustainable food future.

Students will develop challenge-led projects across these five strongly interrelated themes to ensure that our food systems are sustainable and support healthy people, healthy animals, a healthy environment, a healthy economy and a healthy society. The CDT’s approach is interdisciplinary, based on partnership with a broad range of stakeholders across the UK food system, and building on the latest research findings and approaches.

Applications are open until 15 February 2021. If you are interested in interdisciplinary food systems research and are seeking a PhD opportunity, join us to hear more and take part in our question and answer session on Wednesday 3 February 2021 at 17.00-18.00 GMT.

The event will feature a presentation by Professor Andrew Westby, Dr June Po and Dr Christopher Turner of the Natural Resources Institute – NRI - University of Greenwich. The panel will introduce the UKFS-CDT and provide potential applicants with more information about the UK Food Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (UKFS-CDT) approach, research themes, student journey, scope of the interdisciplinary research, as well as the application process and eligibility.

UKFS-CDT is led by NRI, University of Greenwich, in partnership with University College London, Royal Veterinary College, Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University, Centre for Food Policy at City University, University of Sussex, and Brunel University London, and two leading agricultural research institutes, NIAB EMR and Rothamsted Research.

UKFS-CDT is part of the Transforming UK Food Systems Strategic Priorities Fund, funded by UKRI in partnership with the Global Food Security Programme, BBSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, Defra, DHSC, PHE, Innovate UK and FSA.

UKFS-CDT has over 50 associate partners across academia, government, business, and civil society organisations, which will ensure that the UKFS-CDT research addresses key challenges within the UK food system in ways that translate into highly relevant knowledge and understanding with lasting impact.

To stay connected with the UKFS-CDT you can also follow us on Twitter (@UKFS_CDT) and LinkedIn (UK Food Systems - Centre for Doctoral Training).

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