Knowledge for a sustainable world

Responding to climate change is one of the most urgent challenges facing humankind. The most severe impacts are likely to be suffered by the poorest and most vulnerable in society who live in more fragile environments and have the least resources to adapt and recover.

The majority of the world’s poor continue to live in rural areas and their livelihoods are heavily dependent upon agriculture and natural resources, which will be severely affected by climate change. Therefore, there are serious implications for their food security, health and well-being. NRI’s work in this field aims to understand these challenges better, to build adaptive capacities, and to develop appropriate strategies for sustainable and equitable rural adaptation. Highlights of our work include contributing to the IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land, and training the next generation of scientists through one of our dedicated postgraduate programmes. Read more in our latest Annual Review.

Discover more about this area of NRI's work in our Development Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Natural Resources.Climate change N Palmer 750