MSc Sustainable Environmental Management
MSc Sustainable Environmental Management

Think ‘climate change’ and you might not necessarily envisage your favourite food. But if you care about the food on your plate, then caring about climate change would be a smart move.

By studying at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), you can work towards a world-changing career in food, environment, agriculture or sustainable development. You can discover how climate change impacts on our food supply, and help devise solutions to this and other global challenges – another smart move.

Part of the University of Greenwich, NRI has a range of programmes starting in September or January, providing a world of opportunity for those looking to enhance their career in the UK or overseas.

NRI is internationally recognised for its work in food security, sustainable development and poverty reduction. Our experts work with scientists, farmers, food processors and retailers along the food chain and across the world, seeking to supply safe and wholesome food for a growing population. Apply now to help find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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‘Knowledge to feed the world’

For over 100 years, NRI has worked to protect and manage the world’s natural resources, and became part of the University of Greenwich in 1996. Its mission is to discover, apply and share knowledge in support of global food security, sustainable development and poverty reduction. NRI manages hundreds of projects in support of this mission, collaborating with researchers from all over the world, with funding from organisations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Commission and the UK government.

Whether you want to develop your career in the UK or internationally, you can fast track your career with a postgraduate degree from this world-renowned institute and you’ll gain an MSc in just one year (equivalent qualifications take double the time in the US and in other parts of Europe). Discover the programmes on offer here.

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An Institute that makes a difference

Postgraduate programmes at NRI are thorough and practical, designed and taught by researchers responding to real-world problems. Just one example of NRI’s outstanding research is its work on cassava – a tropical root vegetable you might not have heard of, though you may have eaten it – in the form of tapioca or prawn crackers.

Cassava is an important staple food for millions of people in the developing world, especially in Africa. NRI’s work on cassava is about improving its value chain, to benefit different groups of people along the journey it makes from farm to fork, including farmers and rural communities, traders, processors and manufacturers who grow, store and market the crop and create new products. NRI’s work on cassava was recently awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for excellence in research and development.

Engage with scientists working on projects like this, supporting poor communities in some of the world’s toughest environments. Study at NRI and help change the world.

Avocado N Palmer CIAT crop 750Food and Environment matter at NRI: which course is for you?

Think once more about the food you eat: for example, a chicken and avocado sandwich and a coffee – a simple meal with complex issues. Each element links to NRI’s postgraduate degrees:

  • Was the chicken from your sandwich reared in suitable conditions and given adequate feed, adhering to food safety standards? By studying Food Safety and Quality Management PGDip/MSc, you’ll learn from food sector experts, have membership to IFST, and enhance your chances of getting a great job after graduation, with 100% employment rate for alumni. You can also learn from home with our part-time Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning MSc/PGDip/PGCert, giving you the chance to enhance your skills and industry knowledge as you study alongside your day job.
  • Recent news reports show how some avocado plantations are unsustainably using water and soil to try and keep up with consumer demand. Do you know how the avocado you eat was grown? Study our Agriculture for Sustainable Development MSc and learn about topics like the different drivers of deforestation with NRI’s experts on sustainable agriculture and agroecology.
  • Who decided that chicken and avocado was a good mix for a sandwich? On the Food Innovation MSc, students learn to design the next big food trend with food industry partners.
  • Have you thought about where your coffee comes from? Students on our Sustainable Environmental Management MSc learn about topics like corporate social responsibility, and can discover our research into assessing the impact of Fairtrade on coffee farmers.
  • Are we producing enough wheat for tomorrow’s bread? On our Applied Plant Science MSc learn how to increase crop yields and make them climate smart.

Feed your curiosity and boost your career with a postgraduate degree at NRI. Apply now!