Knowledge for a sustainable world

Heather McAvoy-Marshall

The reality of climate change, the threats it poses and the options for managing climate risks will be addressed at a University of Greenwich public lecture next week in Medway.

John Morton, Professor of Development Anthropology and Head of the Department of Livelihoods and Institutions at NRI, will give an inside track on the workings of the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Wednesday 8 October.


John worked on the IPCC's Nobel Prize-winning Fourth Assessment Report, published in 2007. More recently he was one of two Co-ordinating Lead Authors of a chapter examining the impact of climate change on rural areas across the world, including developing countries, in the IPCC's latest Fifth Assessment Report.

John was also part of the team that wrote the 2014 Report's Summary for Policymakers, which is now influencing decision-making by governments worldwide.

This talk is the first of a new series of University of Greenwich monthly public lectures being presented by the Faculty of Engineering & Science in the Ward Room of the historic Pembroke building, at the university's Medway Campus, Chatham Maritime.

The lecture, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: what it is, what it says, and why we should listen, starts at 6.30pm, Wednesday 8th October. Admission is free. To book a place please call 020 8331 9800 or email: