Knowledge for a sustainable world

Elizabeth Millar

Students wishing to apply for the MSc Sustainable Environmental Management programme should be aware that they may be eligible to apply for a Scholarship funded by the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme. These Scholarships are specifically for students originating from the following countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Suriname, Uganda and Uruguay. Full details are available on the Tullow Group website and the deadline for applications is 13th February 2013.

 The MSc Sustainable Environmental Management programme addresses the greatest environmental crisis of recent times; climate change, and the challenge we face of how to sustain over 7 billion people whilst maintaining a habitable environment. There is a need to manage the global environment in a more sustainable way and sustainable development must be underpinned by a thorough understanding of environmental issues and their interactions.

Emphasising the integrated nature of the subject, the programme provides a solid foundation in environmental science, data collection and analysis, as well as the economic and social contexts in which environmental investigations operate, to give a holistic view of environmental science for modern sustainable development.

Studying at NRI, students will gain from the Institute's international reputation founded on a long history of experience in teaching, training, research and development in natural resources and sustainable development. They will draw on NRI's unrivalled pool of expertise in issues of sustainable development, climate and other environmental change, environmental data collection and analysis, biosecurity and ecological applications.

NRI also offers Masters programmes in Food Safety and Quality Management, Agriculture for Sustainable Development and Rural Development Dynamics. A number of our programmes can also be studied by research.

Applications for the Tullow Group fellowships have to be made through their website, additional information and NRI's Masters Programme can be obtained from Lorraine Budd.

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