Andrew Westby presenting the RSPH certificate to MSc student
Andrew Westby presenting the RSPH certificate to MSc student

 Julie Crenn, from Nantes in France, is now a food/product development technologist for the Fudge Kitchen in Kent, UK, and part-time lecturer at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), having studied the MSc Food Safety and Quality Management course at the NRI in 2005.

Julie said: " I enjoyed the Masters course at NRI, it had a good atmosphere and I liked how culturally diverse it was".

As part of her MSc research project in 2005 she worked with Greenwich Cakes, a small cake business in London, to help them with their safety and quality management system.

She was then chosen after her MSc to be a candidate for a Business Plus Project (or mini Knowledge Transfer Partnership) between the University of Greenwich and Fudge Kitchen. Here Julie researched how to increase the shelf life of fudge, where she found she needed to change the formulation of the product.

Following on from the success of this project Julie has continued to work part-time as a food/product development technologist with the Fudge Kitchen and as a part-time lecturer at NRI, sharing her expertise with current students on the MSc Food Safety and Quality Management, Product and Process Development Course.

"I really enjoy the variety of the two jobs and can see myself now in the career I have chosen for years to come."

At the Fudge Kitchen Julie works in the new product and process development department where she has to formulate new products and perfect the processing, whilst also making sure the product is safe.

The first product to go to market, which Julie created, was the 'Home Kit' for fudge lovers to make their own top quality fudge at home. It is a well-loved product, and is getting fantastic reviews!

Julie has also developed a range of different fudge based products over recent years, which include improving and extending the shelf life and flavours of traditional slab fudge, drinking and pouring fudge and gourmet butter fudge packaged in gift boxes.

Julie said: "I enjoy food technology, especially making new products and seeing it on the market, and you can't do this without taking food safety into account!."

She first studied her bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Greenwich's School of Science.