Modernizing sanitary and phytosanitary measures to facilitate trade in agricultural and food products
Modernizing sanitary and phytosanitary measures to facilitate trade in agricultural and food products

The Natural Resources Institute is launching the 'Supporting Aspiring Agriculturalists Campaign' that will provide postgraduate scholarship support for a network of talented individuals who are committed to developing their skills and knowledge to bring about long-term change in the agricultural and food systems of the world's poorest regions.

The fund will support students from low and middle income countries who are interested in taking up their postgraduate studies at NRI but cannot afford the costs. Each year there are many highly qualified, talented men and women who are unable to take up their place to study at NRI due to financial difficulties.

Donations to the campaign will enable students to be nurtured through NRI training, establishing the next generation of agricultural professionals who will share and extend their knowledge and skills to help communities in their home countries to improve their livelihoods and ensure food security.

NRI staff have trained over 200 graduates from around the world who are now teachers, advisors, elected politicians, policymakers and other senior professionals in their own countries.

NRI is asking friends, alumni, trusts and foundations to invest in the future of the next generation of aspiring agriculturalists by donating to the fund and making a real difference to our overseas students. All donations will go to supporting these students.

Nanam Dziedzoave studied for his PhD at NRI and is now the Director of CSIR Food Research Institute in Accra, Ghana. He says: "The research training and study I acquired during my study at NRI have contributed very much to my current work and helped improve the quality of my research work, my quest for more knowledge and consequently my progression to my current position as Director."

NRI offers post-graduate masters-level programmes in Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Environmental Management, Rural Development Dynamics and Food Safety and Quality Management. MSc (by research), MPhil and PhD Programmes are available in any of the research areas of the Institute.