Our MSc Natural Resources programme routes have been renamed. Students will now be able to apply for the awards: MSc Sustainable Environmental Management, (formerly MSc Natural Resources: Sustainable Environmental Management) and MSc Agriculture for Sustainable Development, (formerly MSc Natural Resources: Sustainable Agriculture). The award of MSc Natural Resources (by research) will remain. It is felt that these new titles more accurately describe the focus and content of the programmes as they evolve. The new titles will be effective for new students registering from September 2012, and will not affect students already enrolled. More details of their content will appear on the NRI website in due course.

Natural Resources are the interacting components of the environment which are essential for life on this planet, for example natural and man-made ecosystems, weather and climate. NRI has recognised expertise in exploring the ways in which developmental needs of people can be met through a better understanding and improved management of renewable natural resources, without placing unsustainable demands on the environment. Our newly renamed programmes, MSc Sustainable Environmental Management and MSc Agriculture for Sustainable Development, will continue to draw on NRI's extensive experience of conducting research and development projects around world.