We are pleased to announce several new publications by NRI authors on aspects of climate change and agriculture.

Agricultural advisory services (also known as extension services) face significant challenges in responding to climate change challenges in the 21st Century. A new NRI report. commissioned by the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS), explores the potential issues for advisory services in tackling climate change and how services in Africa are currently able to respond. The report concludes by setting out the man AAS can become more "adaptive" in their governance, vision, management, capacity and advisory methods, and how AFAAS can support this process. The report is available to download: Emerging Approaches for Responding to Climate Change in African Agricultural Advisory Services: Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations for an AFAAS Climate Change Response Strategy by Richard Lamboll, Valerie Nelson and Nick Nathaniels, for the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (2011)

We are also pleased to publish two new papers in our Working Paper Series on Climate Change, Agriculture and Natural Resources, on the gender dimensions of biofuel developments ? developments which are partly driven by climate change mitigation imperatives. These papers were co-authored by Valerie Nelson, NRI and Yianna Lambrou, FAO. These reports are available here: Working Paper No.2 (2011) Gender and 'Modern' Biofuels: A Guidance Paper for Policy-Makers, and Working Paper No. 3 (2011) Scoping the Gender Issues in Liquid Biofuel Value Chains. A thematic review and extensive bibliography on gender, age and social protection issues has also been commissioned by ODI and has recently been published on their website and is also available here: Gender, Generations, Climate Change and Social Protection: Thematic Review and Annotated Bibliography. A study commissioned by CIAT and the Pan African Bean Research Network on Climate Change, Gender and Smallholder Agriculture, by Valerie Nelson has been published on the CIAT website.

All these and a range of other publications from NRI and by NRI staff are available at our web-page on Climate Change Publications.