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The second volume of a major three-part reference work edited by NRI's post-harvest specialists has recently been published by Blackwell Publishing. Post-harvest activities (food storage, processing and marketing) are the backbone of the agricultural economies of most developing countries, and offer huge potential to improve the livelihoods of poor people in rural and peri-urban communities, as well as being crucial to food security and nutrition. However, authoritative information on post-harvest principles, problems and best practice, especially relating to developing countries, is very difficult to find. To fill this knowledge gap, an editorial team from NRI has been working with Blackwell Publishing to produce a three-volume landmark series on post-harvest technology and management, with a strong emphasis on the developing world. Each volume draws on a wide range of internationally-respected authors from NRI and other institutions working on post-harvest issues.

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The recently-published volume - Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology, Volume 2, Durables, edited by Rick Hodges and Graham Farrell - focuses on durable commodities such as grains and other dry food products. It presents information on the storage, processing and marketing of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, nuts, beverages and dried fish, using illustrative case studies from around the world. Many of the chapters present contrasts in the approaches to post-harvest management of the same commodity in different countries. These highlight the differences that exist in the levels of development and sophistication of post-harvest systems, and demonstrate how a diversity of technologies can be used to enable successful handling and storage of durable commodities. For more details or to order a copy, view information about this book on Blackwell's web site.

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The first volume - Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology, Volume 1, Principles and Practice, edited by Peter Golob, Graham Farrell and John E Orchard - was published in late 2002. It gives readers an overview of post-harvest science, technology and economics, and outlines the development of storage and handling of both perishable and durable food products. For more details or to order a copy, view information about this book on Blackwell's web site. The third and final volume is due to be published within the next 18 months and will deal with perishable horticultural products.