Knowledge for a sustainable world

The process of decentralization in many developing countries is facing new and challenging demands. Municipal and local governments are being given increased responsibility to develop strategies that will: (i) secure jobs; and (ii) revitalize local and regional economies. These strategies are necessary to support an increased emphasis on sustainable growth and employment at local and regional levels, in the context of targets for poverty reduction and economic growth set both by developing countries' governments and by international development agencies.

In order to meet these demands, NRI has established a new programme of work that will guide and inform local economic and territorial development. The core programme team (Dr Junior Davis, Dr Ana Marr, Felicity Proctor and Julian Quan) will be drawing on the wide experience of staff across NRI in development policy, agricultural and natural resource economics, social anthropology, and social development. The programme's activities will aim both to reinforce good governance and to create sustainable income-generating opportunities for local communities, especially amongst the poorest. (More details.)

For more information about this project please download the flyer. [PDF 219Kb]