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Dr Katie L James

Lecturer in Applied Ecology/Environmental Sciences

Agriculture, Health and Environment Department

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Katie James joined the University of Greenwich in January 2020, coming from an educational background that also involved Pharmacy, as well as event and business management communications. During Katie’s previous studies at the University of Greenwich, she was awarded a BSc Environmental Science.

Throughout this degree the various courses in ecology, climate change and natural systems gave her a deeper understanding of the wider effect of climate change, and the interrelationships between the natural world and anthropogenic. During her degree and work experience with NRI and the British Ecological Society she cultivated a research focus towards entomology and its importance in food security and development.

Since January 2020 she has been undertaking a full-time PhD at NRI in her primary research area: species-level interactions and their effect on crop yield, quality, and nutritional composition.

  • Arnold S.E.J., Dudenhöffer J.H., Fountain M.T., James, K.L., Hall, D.R., Farman, D.I. & Stevenson P.C. (2021) Bumble bees show an induced preference for flowers when primed with caffeinated nectar and a target floral odour. Current Biology, In press.

  • President of the NRIPS (NRI-GRE)
  • British Ecological Society
  • Royal Entomological Society
  • Kent wildlife Trust
  • NDCS
  • Founder and President of the Natural Science Society (2016-2019).