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Make a global difference with our Master’s in Agriculture for Sustainable Development: integrating natural, social and economic sciences, you’ll gain a firm grounding in research methods of sustainable agricultural systems, using case studies of real projects.

NRI participates in global conference to advance food safety

The mention of food safety in wet markets probably conjures up memories of the emergence of COVID-19 for most of us. But besides COVID-19, there are good reasons for our trepidation. 

Why you can’t trust the calories on the menu

We are all trying to make healthier food choices especially with the rise in cases of obesity and other diet-related health complications. With the recently introduced government policy requiring larger food outlets to publish the number of...

Gender equality in food systems – a moral and economic imperative.

The Malabo Montpellier Panel’s report ‘BRIDGING THE GAP: Policy Innovations to Put Women at the Center of Food System Transformation in Africa’, was launched at the 12th Malabo Montpellier Forum, which took place online on 8 June 2023. Professor...

So that all may see: NRI builds capacity to eliminate river blindness.

A key challenge to eradicating onchocerciasis is a shortage of disease surveillance skills. Onchocerciasis, commonly known as river blindness, is a neglected tropical disease (NTD) caused by the parasitic worm Onchocerca volvulus. The parasites are...

NRI and partners set to deliver eco-friendly organic pesticide.

Modern agriculture is heavily reliant on pesticides to meet the food, feed and fibre demands of a rising global population. Pesticide use has dramatically increased worldwide; however, increasing concern about their safety and sustainability is...

NRI’s Noushin Emami scoops Flormanska award

NRI’s Dr. Noushin Emami has recently been awarded the Flormanska prize 2023 by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences (KVA). She was recognised "for using creativity and great breadth in approach to have identified chemical substances that affect...

Governments urged to invest in animal health to prevent pandemics

The Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle hosted a reception for the Action for Animal Health (A4AH) coalition for key political and veterinary figures at the House of Commons on Tuesday 4 July, to mark the formal launch of a new report.

Sharing knowledge, forging connections: NRIPS concludes 7th Annual Symposium

NRI was abuzz as the Natural Resources Institute Postgraduate Society (NRIPS), a student-led group, held its 7th annual symposium. Forty-two students at various stages of their PhD studies joined their supervisors, research peers and other...

Insect decline, food security and why bee keeping may be harmful to biodiversity.

Insects play crucial roles for UK food security, including pollination and pest or weed control. However, there has been increasing published evidence of insect declines in the UK and globally over the past decade, with significant implications for...
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