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Queens Anniversary Prizes 2015

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MBiol Integrated Masters in Biology/BSc Hons Biology/Biology [Extended] Bsc Hons

IMG 3155 smA biology graduate's career can lie within a broad range of areas, in the agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, health, biotechnology, biomedical and ecology sectors. Increasingly, employment opportunities are becoming more global through EU organisations and in the international biological and ecological science sectors. A key element of our programme is development of the qualities and knowledge profile required to fit the needs of biology-related industries and employers.


BSc Hons Environmental Science

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In addition to the increasing demand for environmental scientists, professionals across a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors must be able to demonstrate that they are environmentally aware, understand how environmental concerns relate to their jobs, and are capable of decision making consistent with the concept of sustainability.


BSc Hons Geography

5X7A0892 smOur degree in Geography will provide you with an indepth understanding of the natural and physical environment including the earth's landforms, rivers, oceans, atmosphere, flora and fauna.

It will enhance your awareness of sustainability and the impacts of human activity on the natural environment and train you in the principal techniques of investigation and data analysis employed in the discipline.


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