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Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning

shutterstock 3075095 750The MSc Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning programme is aimed at professionals working in the food chain who want to deepen their technical knowledge of the industries they are working in. You will consolidate your knowledge of the causal agents of foodborne illness and the control measures that need to be applied to ensure that food and feed are safe and wholesome. You will study safety and quality management systems, based upon the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) following the ‘farm to fork’ approach. You will also study the role of national food control systems, food law and enforcement in the context of national and international standards and the promotion of international trade. In addition, you will investigate safety and quality issues of a wide range of commodities and manufactured foods.

This programme is based upon the successful taught programme offered by the university since 2001 and is based upon the expertise and experiences of the Natural Resources Institute's (NRI) food safety and quality management team, which has carried out research and capacity-building contracts for over 40 years.

Further information and application details on the University of Greenwich website.

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