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Queens Anniversary Prizes 2015

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About the NRI Postgraduate Symposium

NRIPS cover sOn 20 May 2016 NRIPS organized the First Annual NRI Postgraduate Symposium. PhD candidates conducting research at the Natural Resources Institute gathered in the Jellicoe building at the Medway campus and presented their work to the whole institute and other members of the Faculty. The day was concluded by a panel discussion among representatives of three NRI departments (Kate Wellard, Ben Bennett and Jeremy Haggar) moderated by Sarah Arnold. They lively discussed the current and future developments within NRI and were able to advise PhD candidates in their future career. Overall we can look back at a very successful event that contributed to the intellectual community life within NRI. We're looking forward to welcoming you again next year!

The organising committee was comprised of John K Pattison-Williams (Chair), Sona Vyskocilova (Posters), Ajith Rathnayake (Venue & Refreshments), Freddy van Hulst (Late-stage speakers & Abstracts and Biographies), Louise Malmgren (Early-stage speakers), Hannah Scott (Registration), Anthony Abbott (Communications), Richard Hopkins (Faculty Liaison), Gillian Summers (Staff Liaison) and Moritz Bömer (Postdoctoral Liaison). Additional support: Habibu Mugerwa, Jane Robb and Sumesh Kakkunnath.

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