Knowledge for a sustainable world

Research Group:
Molecular Virology and Entomology
  • Using High-Throughput Sequencing indexing to strengthen the yam (Dioscorea spp.) seed systems in Sub-Saharan Africa (2019-2022, Royal Society International Collaboration Award)
  • Enabling Research Tools for Cassava and Yam Virologists and Breeders (Phase II, 2016-2021, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - BMGF funded)
  • Development of on-farm robust diagnostic toolkits for yam virus diseases (2012-2018, BMGF-funded)
  • African cassava whitefly: outbreak causes and sustainable solutions (2014-2018, BMGF-funded)
  • CONNECTED: COmmunity Network for africaN vECTor borne plant viruses (led by Prof. Gary Foster, University of Bristol, Global Challenges Research Fund- GCRF funded)
  • PEARL II: Improving Our Understanding and Response to Yam Badnaviruses Impacting Yam Growers in Northern Nigeria (2016-2019, led by Dr Aliyu Turaki, Kebbi State, Nigeria, BMGF-funded)
  • Bio-ecology of and Host Plant Resistance to Bean Leaf Beetles: A Step Towards Sustainable Management in Uganda (2016-2019, led by Dr Michael Otim, National Crops Resources Research Institute, Uganda, BMGF-funded)