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Research Group:
Ecosystem Services

Current PhD projects at NRI

  • Muhammad Umar: Towards a typology of agricultural value chain system shocks and resilience measures / supervisors: Conor Walsh (NRI), Alessandro de Pinto (NRI), Jeremy Haggar (NRI) / 2021-2023
  • Jacinta Nyaika: Preharvest influences on postharvest safety and quality of traditional cassava products in Malawi, prospects for adaptation and mitigation / supervisors: Louise Abayomi (NRI), Lucie Büchi (NRI), Onoriode Coast (NRI) / 2021-2023
  • Rachel R Chase: Characterisation of enset functional traits, genetics and optimal management practices to enhance food security and climate resilience in Ethiopia / supervisors: Lucie Büchi (NRI), Jonne Rodenburg (NRI), James Borrell (RBG Kew) / 2020-2023
  • Immaculate M Mwangangi: Innovative fertiliser solutions to combat Striga on smallholder sorghum farms in Africa / supervisors: Jonne Rodenburg (NRI), Lucie Büchi (NRI), Stephan Haefele (Rothamsted Research) / 2020-2022
  • Menyene U Ekanem: Farmers’ perception of the impact of climate change on the four dimensions of food security (food availability, accessibility, utilisation and food system stability) in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria / supervisors: Peter Burt (NRI), John F Morton (NRI) / 2019-2022

Current PhD projects at other institutions

  • Jane Mwangi: Assessment of environmental and anthropogenic factors influencing spatial distribution of Osyris lanceolata (Hochst &Steud) in Arid and Semi-Arid parts of Kenya / supervisors: Salisu Mohammed (Bayero University), Kabir Mustapha Umar (Bayero University), Jeremy Haggar (NRI), Truly Santika (NRI) / 2020-2024
  • Guy Marius Assogba (Wageningen University): Crop management solutions against Striga asiatica in maize cropping systems / supervisors: Lammert Bastiaans (Wageningen University), Jonne Rodenburg (NRI) / 2017-2022
  • Cyprian Mwale (Wageningen University): Integrated rice and natural resources management in African wetlands / supervisors: Ken Giller (Wageningen University), Gerrie van de Ven (Wageningen University), Jonne Rodenburg (NRI) / 2015-2022

Past PhD projects at NRI

  • Jane Robb: Decision-making processes and drivers of land use change in a REDD+ context / supervisors: Jeremy Haggar (NRI), Richard Lamboll (NRI) / 2014-2017
  • Elsa Gudmunsdottir: Market incentives for biodiversity conservation in Central America / supervisors: Jeremy Haggar (NRI), Julian Quan (NRI) / 2014-2017
  • Hannah Scott: Investigations into the structural features of pyrolysed organic carbon as a cause for changes in crop and soil agronomy / supervisors: Jeremy Haggar (NRI), John Orchard (NRI) / 2013-2016
  • John Pattison: The effectiveness of social and agricultural policies for increasing household food security in biodiversity hotspots in India / supervisors: Jeremy Haggar (NRI), John Morton (NRI) / 2013-2016
  • Wahira Othman: Understanding mangrove forest social ecological systems to develop options for sustainable management in Zanzibar, Tanzania / supervisors: Tim Chancellor (NRI), Richard Lamboll (NRI) / completed 2014