Knowledge for a sustainable world

Research Group:
Chemical Ecology and Plant Biochemistry

Current PhD students

  • Elisante Philemon: Agroecosystem biodiversity for harnessing pollination services in bean farming systems (NMAIST, Arusha)
  • Prisila Mkenda: Agroecosystem biodiversity for harnessing natural pest regulation services in bean farming systems (NMAIST, Arusha)
  • Jillian JoinerEcology of Aedes mosquito
  • Christina ConroyPush-pull against Spotted Wing Drosophila
  • Richard Lloyd MillsControl of red poultry mite
  • Arran Folly: Health benefits to pollinators from nectar and pollen chemistry of  UK Agri-environment Scheme plants (Royal Holloway University of London)
  • Laura Haynes: Impacts of Novel Multimodal Biopesticides on Beneficial Insects
  • Cormac CreaghThe role of vector competence in the transmission of Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus

Recently Completed PhD students

  • Billy Ferrara: Investigating MATE transporters in Dictyostelium discoideum: 2018
  • Milton Otema: Resistance in Sweetpotato to Cylas weevils 2015
  • Aliyu Aminu: Interactive effects of chickpea leaf surface chemicals and NPV 2015
  • John Kamanula: Pesticidal plants for controlling stored product pests 2015
  • Stephen Nyirenda: Pesticidal plants for controlling mites and aphids 2015