Knowledge for a sustainable world

Research Group:
Aquatic Biotechnology and Biology


  • Laura Mazzuchi: “Production of Phytoene from Dunaliella salina” treated with herbicides
  • Supattra Maneein: “Enhancing Biogas Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Seaweed”
  • Adrian Loh: “Identifying the impact of climate change on aquatic organisms at a fundamental cellular level.”
  • Md Mahmud Al Farid: “Effect of iodine on methanogenesis”

Recently completed:

  • Chiziezi Wosu: “Development of a low cost sustainable strategy for processing halotolerant microalgal biomass for bioactive compounds particularly 9-cis-β-carotene and Lutein”
  • Philip Sanderson: “Lipopolysaccharide enriched biomass from the halotolerant microalga Dunaliella salina with potential as an animal feed additive with immune-modulatory activity.”
  • Uttam Roy: “Culturing and processing of Dunaliella for enrichment of enzymatic antioxidants.”