PhD students

  • Aliyu Abdullahi Turaki - "Are endogenous pararetrovirus sequences in yam genomes activatable and responsible for widespread badnavirus infections in west African yams?."
  • Lucas Cunningham - "Behaviour, ecology and population dynamics of tsetse and trypanosomes."
  • Mitul Patel - "Studies on insect genomes and transcriptomes to identify new pathways for insecticide discovery."
  • Gerald Akachi Otti - "Next generation sequencing on resistant cassava to identify virus resistance genes against cassava brown streak disease."
  • Nawres Abdulelah Sadeq - "Molecular characterization of potyviruses infecting potato and vegetables in Iraq."
  • Saptarshi Ghosh - "Wolbachia-based strategy to control agriculturally important pests such as whiteflies and whitefly-transmitted plant virus diseases."
  • Sam Namanda - "Current and potential systems for maintaining sweetpotato planting material in areas with prolonged dry seasons: a biological, social and economic framework."