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Dr Ola Ogunyinka joined the Natural Resources Institute in 2014. His prior experience included stints as Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at World Vision International and Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Nigeria.

Dr Ogunyinka has worked in the international development context gaining extensive field experience across sub-Saharan Africa. At the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), he set up the monitoring and evaluation unit to assess the impact of IITA technologies in improving the food security and livelihood of small holder farmers across the continent.

He has led and been part of many evaluation missions on projects funded by amongst others, USAID, EU and CIDA during which he contributed his expertise on M&E, especially within the development context. Among the projects were the EU-funded, On Farm Adaptive Research Project across fourteen countries in West Africa, and the Regional Research Project on Maize and Cassava in seven countries in West and Central Africa.

Since joining NRI, Dr Ogunyinka has continued to contribute his experience in agriculture and food security with his secondment to the Cassava Adding Value for Africa (CAVA2) project where he set up a robust monitoring system to track the key performance indicators.

His evaluation experience includes a range of large scale, multi-country programme, process, performance and impact evaluations. These evaluation projects have utilised a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods including statistical analysis, contribution tracing /analysis, theory of change-based impact evaluations, experimental (randomised control trial), quasi-experimental research, participatory /community-based evaluations etc.

He also has a strong background in capacity building through training design and delivery and has designed and taught modules in monitoring and evaluation to partner groups to enhance programme assessment and data collection strategies.

Dr Ogunyinka, a member of the Livelihood and Institutions Department at NRI, works primarily on value chain development and its evaluation, agriculture, livelihood improvement and poverty reduction.

  • Tools and methodologies in measuring impact of agriculture, improvement of livelihood of smallholder farmers, policy influence and poverty alleviation
  • Evaluation framework in international development.
  • Commercialisation of agriculture and its effect on improvement in the livelihood of smallholder farmers
  • Sustainable resource management and effects on poverty alleviation
  • Value chain development
  • 2019: Independent Mid-Term evaluation of ILO Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises Programme (SCORE) Phase III (covering China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Ghana and Colombia)
  • 2019: Evaluation of the Cassava Adding Value for Africa (CAVA2) project (covering 5 African countries of Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • 2017: Exploring farmer decision making in the cassava value chain in 3 states of Nigeria, a case study of the CAVA project.
  • 2013: Evaluation of the World Vision International’s Smallholder Famers Livelihood Improvement through Agriculture programme in Uganda.
  • Information and Communication Support Project in South Western Nigeria. IITA 2004.
    • Team Lead on the evaluation to assess Project success stories and lessons learnt. Supported by USAID
  • Regional Research Project on Maize and Cassava, supported by the French Government, 2002.
    • Steering Committee member and Team Lead on the evaluation of success of adoption and uptake of promoted technology.
  • On Farm Adaptive Research (OFAR) Project supported by the EU. IITA 2001.
    • Steering Committee member and Team Lead for the evaluation in 5 different countries (Ghana, Congo DR, Senegal, Gambia and Mali).
  • Evaluation of IITA training intervention to improve technology uptake in sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Team Lead 2001.
  • Evaluation of the design, dissemination and adoption of improved planting technologies by farmers in the Kwara State Agricultural Development Project enclave areas. Team Lead, 1989.

Ogunyinka O, Guwelamgomba V, Kaitira L, Oguntuase A, Otim D, and K Twum-Adaboh (2018) Transforming rural livelihoods through cassava value addition, a case study of Cassava Adding Value for Africa project (CAVA);

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