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BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr. Vahid Baeghbali has joined the NRI in 2022. He has over 10 years of combined industrial and academic experience in research and development (R&D), production, quality control, industrial consultation, and research management.

He has worked for one year as a Research Scholar at McGill University (Canada), 3 years as a research associate and lecturer at Shiraz University and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (Iran), and currently, he is the Food Processing Enterprise Fellow at the NRI.

During his research, he has designed and fabricated patented food processing machines in pilot scale and worked on their modelling and optimisation.

Food Engineering, Food Products Development, 3D Printing, Novel Extraction and Processing Technologies

Dehydration of Viable Probiotic Cells Using Novel Drying Technologies (2021) funded by INSF (Iran National Science Foundation)

Extraction, Emulsification and Encapsulation of Herbal Essential Oils (2020) funded by Shiraz University Postdoctoral Research Award

Modelling and Optimisation of Ultrasound and Infrared Assisted Conductive Hydro Dryer (2019) funded by INSF

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Overseeing the Food Processing Laboratory at the Medway Food Innovation Centre

Member of International Society of Food Engineering (ISFE) 

Recognised reviewer of Journal of Food Engineering (over 40 reviews), Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, Applied Food Research

2018: Distinguished Student of Shiraz University School of Agriculture

2017: Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology scholarship for visiting research scholar

2017: Iran National Elite Foundation award for level 3 inventions

2016: Iran National Science Foundation award for US Patent application.

2016: Iran International Grand Prize final stage attendance award.

2015: Iran National Science Foundation award for Optimization of continuous Refractance Window dryer for drying of heat sensitive food stuff and herbs.

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