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BSc (Hons) Economics, MSc, PhD

Dr Aniema Atorudibo has a PhD in Economics from the University of Kent and joined the Food and Markets Department of the Natural Resources Institute in April 2022 as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow. Between 2017 and 2021, Aniema worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the School of Economics, University of Kent while also studying for her PhD. She has been involved in the development and delivery of various undergraduate modules including Development Economics, Principles of Economics, Quantitative Methods, Managerial Economics, and Business Research Methods.

Aniema’s research interest lies in the microeconomics of development with specific focus on the economics of gender and culture, intra-household resource allocation, as well as poverty, inequality, and sustainable rural development. Her latest research addresses the influence of cultural norms within kinship systems on women’s labour market and fertility choices in the Middle East and African countries (MENA). Currently, Aniema’s research is focused on the development of innovative tools for assessing and evaluating the impact of agricultural development projects in low-income countries.

  • Gender norms and Intra-household resource allocation
  • Impact Evaluation of socio-economic programs
  • Poverty, Inequality, and Sustainable Rural Development

Research team member, Odisha Millet Mission’s Impact Assessment and Evaluation, India. 2022 -

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