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Queens Anniversary Prizes 2015

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Six African countries unite to Stop Rats

Mastomys sp crRats and mice cause significant damage to people's livelihoods in many ways, and are arguably one of the most neglected pests on the planet. A new project led by NRI aims to strengthen science and technology innovation across Africa to address these major socio-economic impacts of rodents.


Transformational farming – a rethink of UK farming systems

3 cattle silvipasture crThere is a need for innovative development in the field of agroecology if we are to meet the demands of the growing human population in a sustainable way. A conference in late December 2013, hosted by the Association of Applied Biologists at St Catherine's College, Oxford, explored how innovative ideas for change could generate more resilient agro-ecological systems, given the socioeconomic constraints.


Achieving better use of case study research by sustainability standards

VN wordcloudISEAL, which is the global membership body for a range of sustainability standards, commissioned NRI to identify how sustainability standards can better use case study research.


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