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Queens Anniversary Prizes 2015

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Progress review meeting held for Gratitude project - reducing waste from root and tuber crops

gratitude-partners orig All partners of the FP7 project 'Gratitude' gathered recently (22nd-26th April) in Bangkok, Thailand to conduct a successful mid-term review planning meeting.

Presentations were given by each of the project's eight research package leaders on what has been achieved so far on the proposed tasks. The team also discussed the issues and challenges that need to be addressed in order to reach the mid-term review targets.


Managing with fewer chemicals, EU researchers and businesses discuss the challenge of crop protection under new legislation

BiopesticideMeeting-orig Professor Andrew Westby, Director of the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), welcomed over 90 delegates to a recent meeting at The University of Greenwich on "Biopesticide Market Opportunities". The meeting on 11th April brought together researchers and European crop protection companies, to discuss the key role that biological pesticides or biopesticides could play in replacing the many synthetic chemical pesticides that are likely to be withdrawn from European agriculture under the EU wide decision to move from risk assessment to hazard assessment and to reduce chemical residues on crops.


Cosmetics from Namibian myrrh to be recognised at world summit

solid-perfume orig Cosmetics made from the Namibian myrrh, Commiphora Wildii, a natural product used by the indigenous Himba people as body scent, will be on display during the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS), 26-31 October 2013. This will increase awareness of the product, helping to secure income for local harvesting communities.


NRI Food Safety MSc graduate developing products for the Fudge Kitchen

BusinessPlusProject-orig Julie Crenn, from Nantes in France, is now a food/product development technologist for the Fudge Kitchen in Kent, UK, and part-time lecturer at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI), having studied the MSc Food Safety and Quality Management course at the NRI in 2005.


Workshop on climate compatible agricultural development in Mozambique

dried-up-lake-Guija orig A successful workshop was held in Maputo on 21 February on climate compatible development strategies in Mozambique, and the implications for agricultural research and extension. The workshop attracted 40+ participants from the agriculture sector, national director level, representatives of other Ministries, and a number of NGOs.


'Yam it up and keep on yamming' - Yams for livelihoods

YIIFSWA orig So said the t-shirts proudly worn by participants attending a three-day planning workshop (12-14 March 2013) in Ibadan, Nigeria for the Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA) project. Now in its second year, the five-year $12m project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is led by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA).


Could the mosquito’s “buzz” be its downfall?

culex-pipiens-male orig Scientists at the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) and the University of Brighton, have won a £194,000 grant from The Leverhulme Trust to study the mosquito's 'buzzing' sound in a bid to hinder the spread of malaria which kills one child every minute of every day in Africa.


Transforming lives through improved access to agricultural education in Africa

OUatTheAPPGevent orig Africa continues to face huge challenges in producing sufficient quantities of safe and nutritious food for its rapidly expanding population in an environmentally sustainable way. There is tremendous potential for knowledge generated through scientific research, and acquired through farmers' own experience, to be better utilised to address these challenges.


Developing research tools to assist African cassava breeders and researchers

MrHabibuMugerwa-orig The Natural Resources Institute's Biodiversity and Molecular Biology Research Group have received a ~£500,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop specific research tools for African cassava virologists and breeders that will assist their research and development work to improve cassava productivity and sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa.


Food safety in developing countries: a vital missing link in the food security debate

groundnuts full Certain foods sold in developing countries are often not fit for consumption due to contamination by toxins produced by fungi (mycotoxins) causing serious public health impacts, including childhood stunting, liver cancer and immune disorders.


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