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Queens Anniversary Prizes 2015

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A Guidebook on Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector

A Guidebook on Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector, co-authored by Jeremy Haggar, NRI's Head of Agriculture, Health and Environment, has just been published by UNEP and Practical Action.


Awards Ceremony 2011

On 26th July 2011, the annual awards ceremony was held at Rochester Cathedral. Although not all graduates were able to attend the ceremony it was a pleasure to welcome more than 25 higher degree, Masters degree and post-graduate award holders. Four PhD students received their awards.


African Fisheries and Aquaculture Investment Partnership

The Partnership for African Fisheries programme (PAF) is a flagship programme of the NEPAD Agency, funded by the UK Department for International Development, (DFID). The PAF programme is advancing African fisheries thinking, investment and outputs by:


Outstanding Departmental Administration Award for Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich won the award for 'Outstanding Departmental Administration Team' at the Times Higher Education Leadership & Management Awards ceremony in London on Thursday, June 16.


NRI helps plot the way forward for food loss reduction

building-barn fullIn early June, World Bank and FAO hosted a sub-regional workshop in Ghana on the advantages of reducing postharvest losses, for policy makers and technical specialist. This included the launch of the World Bank's new report 'Missing Food: the case of postharvest grain losses in Sub-Saharan Africa'. This was prepared from an initial document drafted by NRI staff Rick Hodges, Ben Bennett, Tanya Stathers and Paul Mwebase.


NRI Working Paper Series, No.1: Climate Change, Agricultural Adaptation and Fairtrade

NRI has recently completed study on the implications of climate change for Fairtrade in agricultural products. The study, Climate Change, Agricultural Adaptation and Fairtrade: Identifying the Challenges and Opportunities by Valerie Nelson, John Morton, Peter Burt, Tim Chancellor and Barry Pound was commissioned in early 2010 by the Fairtrade Foundation, the UK national labelling initiative which licenses use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. The study indicates that climate change is projected, with high degrees of certainty, to have mainly negative impacts upon agricultural production, food security and economic development, especially in developing countries. It thus poses significant challenges for the Fairtrade movement.


Mark Reckless MP visits NRI

On the 21st April 2011, Local MP for Rochester and Strood, Mark Reckless paid a visit to the NRI to attend a series of short presentations regarding our work in developing nations, researching pest and disease control to support farmers in Africa, and helping poorer nations adapt to the effects of climate change.


Japanese rats in South Africa: Accidental introductions discovered by accident

NRI's rodent expert, Steven Belmain, is a co-author of a research paper recently published in BMC Genetics1. The paper describes the surprising discovery of a rat species normally found in Japan and the Far East, Rattus tanezumi, is also found in southern Africa.


Increased yield excites farmers in Ogun and Ondo States

Farmers within the catchments of the Cassava Adding Value for Africa (CAVA) in Ogun and Ondo States of Nigeria have hailed the TME 419 cassava variety promoted by the project as an alternative to local low yielding cassava varieties. This news was reported in The Daily Nation Newspaper in Nigeria. The first farmer to harvest from the planted TME 419 cassava stems planted in 2009 late season, Alhaji AbdurRahman Kolawole Otun of Otun Farm, Asooro Village, Ewekoro Local Government Area, said: "The cassava tubers were uprooted and the weight doubled that of the traditional cassava, such as the 'idi leru' (root heavy species)."


Moths travel as fast as birds

gamma moth w warbler edited fullDon Reynolds is a co-author of a paper just published (9 March 2011) in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The study used specially-designed radars to compare the migratory performance of Silver-Y moths and songbirds migrating between their summer breeding grounds in northern Europe and their winter quarters in the Mediterranean region and beyond. Surprisingly, migratory speeds and directions were found to be remarkably similar in the two groups, despite the obvious differences in size and flight capacity.


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