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Claudia Carvalho, Linden Kemkaran, Dr Lorraine Fisher

Coming soon to a pub near you, this year’s ‘Pint of Science’ festival will allow you to sip and think. This popular worldwide science event held every year in May, brings brilliant researchers to your local pub to present their scientific discoveries while you sit back, glass in hand, and take it all in. 

Across the UK there are 600 events happening across 40 cities, and NRI’s Dr Claudia Carvalho and Dr Lori Fisher are kicking it off in Medway on Monday 20th May with their talk on “Sustainable Spuds and Other Fresh Produce – It’s all in the Storage & Packaging”.

tomato 3478069 750As the country’s attention focusses on plastic packaging, with so many ideas and opinions it can be difficult to know what to think. Is recycling a weekly nightmare in your home, would it be simpler or even possible for all plastics to be biodegradable, or do you think incineration can save the planet from plastic pollution?

With public pressure on the food industry, which is responsible for most single-use plastic pollution, companies have pledged to reduce use of virgin plastic and are interested in exploring alternative packaging. Will this response have an impact on land litter and ocean pollution, or could a knee jerk reaction potentially result in a food waste problem which exacerbates climate change? Lori will discuss the pros and cons of fresh produce food packaging, the options and the alternatives available.

Getting into the details, Claudia will focus on the nation’s favourite staple, the simple spud. So whilst you munch on crisps with your beer, she will take you through the importance of crop storage to prevent waste and bring you a top-quality crunch. Claudia’s talk will include a discussion on the do’s and the don’ts of post-harvest storage, its importance for food security and how it ultimately affects your wallet!

Date: Monday 20th May 2019

Time: Doors 6.30pm, Event 7.30–9.30pm

Venue: Command House, Dock Road, Chatham. ME4 4TX (food available to purchase)

Tickets: £4

Sign up and book tickets here:

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